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While the problem may be the result of some settings or a configuration glitch, it could also be the internet service provider who’s at fault. If true, such a problem is not up to the repair shop to fix.

When you surf the web, it’s important to understand that you’re always exposed to a risk of potentially infecting your computer with some sort of spyware or computer virus. Computer viruses have been invented as soon as the first computer was and they’ve been around for ages. Nowadays they continue to wreck havoc on today’s computers. Some viruses can delete your files, violate your computer privacy, and as detailed above, even slow the computer’s performance significantly.

They take their computer into a repair shop because the computer is operational, but not to its full capacity. As vague as the very problem is, so are the possible reasons for this problem… It may be that your hard drive is overloaded with too many files. Or you may also have some sort of a malware, viruses or spyware infecting the PC. Perhaps you just need to have more RAM installed. A professional system tune-up will usually be what it takes to get your computer working as fast as new again.

However, there might be a lot of other reasons which may not be as easy-to-fix as in this case. So ultimately your computer will need to be taken in for repair.

Finally, many people take their computer to a repair because Windows fails to load properly. This is different from a computer that fails to boot or turn on, as it clearly is not caused by the power supply. Actually, this can be caused by some corrupt windows files or even a hard drive that was damaged. In case the problem is a failing hard drive, you may be in danger of losing your files.

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